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About GBT


When we established Global Bridge Trading Co., Ltd.(GBT), in April, 2006, we primarily imported cycling parts and accessories, while simultaneously we sought to expand business and support local companies by using our own sales routes to acquire products. In 2007, we launched our online store department which dealt mainly in car parts and car accessories. Due in part to the growing demand for online shopping we were successful in this venture, and in 2008 we moved to our current office in order to expand our business more.

Today we develop our original car parts and accessories, and apparel. We also accept various OEM orders, and we have solidified ourselves as the Japanese sole agent of a British bag manufacturer, and we lead coffee sales to China.

Looking forward, with our current young energetic staff we seek to thrive as a business based on national/international purchasing routes in order to meet our customers’ needs.

Our company name, “Global Bridge Trading,” holds with it our hope to connect global supply and demand, and deliver safety and trust through our distribution. We also seek to become a company that will be needed by customers and the broader society as “a pioneer of a new global society.” To fulfill our passion we will continue to send our message out into society with our outstanding innovation.

Mami Soga

Management Philosophy

About our logo

The meaning of two thick lines:
An affluent society, people’s happiness
Our determination to make that society a reality.

What we can do

We contribute to creating a bright future full of dreams for the precious Earth and its people.

Our vision

We aim to be “a global general business company” that seeks to help people’s dreams come true by supporting to fulfill them by sensing the global customers’ needs through new technology and innovation.

Our promise

We promise to always work “sincerely” and “modestly” for our customers and society. We hold our ambition high in order to help the world through the pursuit of meaningful work. We keep our eyes straight and we always challenge new fields. We create leaders who are business role models.
We do our best to use the maximum strength of our company and individuals. We train capable people who are creative and balanced through self-educating and accomplishment.

Our Enterprise

We aim to grow and develop together with our partner businesses in order to suggest various business plans and to create “value-added.” We also seek to create a synergy effect, which cannot be created by a single entity, but by created one encompassing brand.
We are truly looking forward to working with great partners who we can share our passion and joy with.

Health, Cosmetics

Idea Through our products that vigorously pursue good health and beauty we contribute to the world’s best information, knowledge and process of change and satisfaction.
Brand Miracle Birth Series
Health support: “Miracle Birth Life”
Beauty support: “Miracle Birth Beauty & Men’s Beauty”
Diet support: “Miracle Birth Queen”

Online shop

We aim to be the number 1 online shop of car accessories by having an extensive array of LED products and dress-up products.

Websites or names of websites that we sell through Rakuten
Yahoo! Japan
Amazon Japan

Car Items

Including our original products, we wholesale car items to car parts retailers. We accept orders of single items as well, and we currently work with 1500 companies nationwide in order to increase our productivity.

Member’s website Seed Style Pro


With our experience and know-how of production of OEM’s bags and car products, we work with Chinese and other companies overseas to conduct support planning and production of promotional goods.